Banana Pudding (LTO) Crumbl Cookies

The latest tester dessert at Crumbl is Banana Pudding. This Limited Time Offer (LTO) is sure to be very popular as very few fast few restaurant chains offer the American favorite of Banana Pudding. This dessert is described as “layers of banana-packed vanilla pudding and vanilla wafers, served in a cup.” He is a review from someone that purchased the tester Banana Pudding in Virginia, “It comes in a little cup and is cold/refrigerated. It was delicious! Super rich and filling. I’m a big banana pudding fan, I know not everyone is. I had like 4 bites as you can see and then had to put it back for later snacking. It was a $.99 up charge just like the strawberry shortcake making it unfortunately $5.99 which seems steep for this kind of thing, idk.”

As more taste reviews are available, we will publish them here. We will also update this page with the calories and price with the up charge.