Cannoli Crumbl Cookies

Cannoli is running on the rotating Crumbl menu from January 22-27, 2024. Here is a review from Reddit, “I had no idea what Crumbl’s interpretation of “cannoli-inspired filling” would be, and was considered they would just use whipped cream since they tend to use either cream cheese filling, butter cream, or whipped cream, and I didn’t think they’d make a special filling just for this cookie. It is unique though, and for all of you who don’t like super sweet, this is for you. It’s a little sweet, creamy, and thick, and the semi-sweet mini chocolate chips are a great addition for the texture and taste. The cookies are soft and break a bit easily, but they’re satisfying to bite in to. One of their best sandwich cookies I’ve had!”

In late August and early September, diehard Crumbl fans found the Cannoli Crumbl Cookie on the tester store menu. The cookie is described as, “two chilled buttery cookies sandwiching a rich cannoli-inspired filling and a layer of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips finished with a dusting of powered sugar.”

This is one of many tester cookies that are actually sandwich cookies meaning two cookies with a filling in between. It will be interesting to see how many of these make it to the main menu in 2023 and 2024. Oatmeal Mallow Sandwich will be the first of these sandwich style cookies to hit the main menu in September 2023.

Here is a review of the Cannoli Crumbl Cookie by a Redditor:

cannoli is my favorite dessert so i figured i’d try it. for some reason mine didn’t have powdered sugar but no biggie. the cream is light and not too sweet, just like cannoli filling. 10/10, and i’m not the biggest crumbl fan.