Crumbl Cookies Mystery Flavor June 2023

The week of June 19-24, 2023 will be the “June Crumbl Cookies Mystery Flavor” week. You can find the mystery flavors by clicking the “More” button on the bottom right of the Crumbl app. You will then see a “Location Map” as the third option. After clicking the “Location Map” there are tabs for Stores, Mystery Cookies and Testing Cookies.

The map will populate with the closest location to you. You will have the ability to scroll all around the United States to see what cookies are at locations that are not closest to you. What has been interesting over the past several months is the stores that do hard cookies that sell well like the Oreo Mallow Sandwich versus the stores that are simply trying to get rid of ingredients for cookies that did not sell well in the recent past. The stores that make the popular cookies almost always have higher sales during mystery cookie week.