Crumbl Cookies in Ocala, Florida Coming Soon?

When looking at the map of Crumbl Cookies locations in Florida there is one major void. That void is in the Ocala and Gainesville area. The closest store to both Ocala and Gainesville is Deland which is a full hour drive away. If you are headed south, the closest store is Spring Hill which opened in April 2023. Ocala to Spring Hill is 1 hour and 15 minutes away. With Gainesville being the home to the University of Florida and Ocala having a population just over 60,000 it stands to reason that a Crumbl in both Ocala and Gainesville will do extremely well. A Crumbl location about an hour and a half south in Carrollwood, Florida opened on May 19th, 2023.

The Crumbl in Spring Hill, Florida opened in April 2023 and in less than a full month there are already 243 Google Reviews. Compare that with South Tampa that opened in November 2022 that has 254 reviews and Palm Harbor that open in October 2022 that has 212 reviews. We heard from the best Tampa dermatologist that many people thought the Tampa stores would be very busy.

It makes sense that Crumbl Cookies locations in more remote areas will sell more cookies and get more reviews. In the Tampa area, there are now nine (9) locations within a 45 minute drive. There will not be a single location within a 45 minute drive of Ocala and Gainesville. We are certain this territory is taken by a current franchise partner but from our knowledge they have yet to start the build out of the store. With that being the case, the earliest an Ocala, Florida Crumbl Cookies will open would be November 2023 or early 2024. Crumbl doesn’t like to open stores during the holidays so our guess is January or February of 2024 will be the earliest Crumbl Ocala, Florida will open.