Key Lime Pie (2024) Crumbl Cookies

UPDATE: The reviews have not been positive early in the week. In fact, many people are saying the $2 upcharge is way too much and you should simply go buy a Key Lime Pie at your local grocery store. Here is a copycat recipe that could save you some money:

Go to your local grocery store, pick up a bottle of Nellie and Joes key lime juice, a can of sweetened condensed milk, a few eggs, and either make a homemade graham crust (easy) or buy one (easier) and homemade whipped cream (easy) or store bought (easier). This pie is so cheap and easy to make and you’ll get lots more for your money. A $2 upcharge is ABSURD.

Here is a review:

Realllly wish I’d been around for the cookie, I love key lime pie but this is nothing special. Like people have been saying, just get a full sized frozen pie from the store, it’ll taste the same; this is so overpriced. The crust was also a little soggy, though I don’t know how avoidable that is. Crumbl’s April Fools joke lol 3/10

Crumbl tested a double decker Key Lime Pie that is an actual pie and not a cookie. The tester Key Lime Pie was available in early March 2024. The new Key Lime Pie is described as “it’s not a cookie, it’s a pie  a chilled key lime pie made with fresh lime zest and a butter graham cracker crust, adorned with decorative whipped cream around the edges, and topped with a fresh lime slice. The latest Key Lime Pie “cookie” or “cake” offering will be available on the Crumbl rotating menu from April 1-6, 2024.


Key Lime Pie has a special place in the heart of many Crumbl diehard fans. This chilled cookie is often one of the top selling cookies every single time it is on the rotating menu.

The Key Lime Pie Cookie has been on the main menu the following weeks:

  • September 4th-9th, 2023
  • January 30th – February 4th, 2023
  • March 21st-26th, 2022
  • November 1st-6th, 2021
  • March 15th-20th, 2021