What Flavor is the Mystery Super Bowl Flavor (Team Red and Team Green)?

UPDATE: The Super Bowl Mystery cookie will happen again in 2024! Once the teams have been determined we will know what the Crumbl Cookies Mystery flavors will be. This mystery cookie will run during the week of February 5th-10th, 2024.

On Thursday, February 9th through Saturday, February 11th there will be many Crumbl locations that sell the Team Red (KC Chiefs) mystery cookie and the Team Green (Philadelphia Eagles) mystery cookie. Unfortunately, most people will not know what these cookies taste like. It seems to us that the Team Red cookie will have the white Oreo base while the Team Green cookie will have the normal chocolate Oreo base. As the flavors are available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday there should be quite a few reviews online about the jam frosting and the bases of the two different cookies.