Family-Sized Shareable Cinnamon Square Crumbl Cookies

It has been announced there will be a Family-Sized Shareable Tres Leches Cake and we also know there will be a family sized shareable version of the Cinnamon Squares. Much like the family sized Tres Leches Cake, the family sized Cinnamon Squares are only going to be available through the catering menu which means you will need to give your local Crumbl Cookies location 24 hours in advance to get your order. The cost will likely be a cost similar to a 12-pack of cookies at your store. The Cinnamon Square is described as “a moist cinnamon cake filled and marbled with a brown sugar cinnamon¬† butter, topped with a light vanilla cream cheese frosting.”

Here are a few pictures of what the family-sized cinnamon squares from Crumbl Cookies will look like: